Personal Journey: Wind and Rain and the “Best Place to Live”

It’s a gray January morning in Scotland’s Orkney Islands. I’m crouched in my bathing suit in the parking lot of a 17th century manor house, yanking a thick wetsuit over goose-bumped legs, in the company of seven other novice surfers. Hoods on and boards in neoprened hands, our group tiptoes across a grassy path leading … More Personal Journey: Wind and Rain and the “Best Place to Live”

Drink Up: Tom Collins

As the days lengthen and you begin craving the delicate cocktails of warmer weather, perch yourself on a patio—Tom Collins in hand—and consider the following tale: It’s 1874, and a notorious slanderer has been running unbridled through the public houses of New York City. A friend informs you that you’ve been the latest victim of … More Drink Up: Tom Collins

To Orkney…

At the lonely port of Scrabster and the very edge of mainland Britain, a large ferry waited. On her side a 7-deck-tall painted Viking pointed across the Pentland Firth towards where, according to the map, the southernmost of the Orkney Islands stood. But really all that lay in front of me was a wall of … More To Orkney…

Favourite Finds on the North Coast 500

Scotland’s Northern Highlands are perhaps the wildest, most dramatic cross-section of the entire country, and the now-famous North Coast 500 road trip provides direct access to this remote landscape. If you happen to be experiencing the route on a drive and hike tour, you’ll find your itinerary packed full as you attempt to artfully balance the miles of … More Favourite Finds on the North Coast 500